About Us

About Manufacturing Chats

We help technical, industrial companies easily double their inbound sales quote requests by conversing with - and converting more of their existing website visitors into more sales opportunities.  We capture the visitors whose preference is not to call or fill out a form, but to chat in real time -- with another human.

Our Results

We guarantee our customers they will see a 50% to 200% increase in sales quote requests within the first 30 days.

Who We Work With

Sales and Marketing Operations professionals whose objectives are company growth through increased customer acquisition.

Why It Works

Conversations create sales opportunities. Our solution has been fine tuned for almost two decades.  Literally millions of conversations later --> our deployment process, our team, our impeccable response times, our chat widget designs, our learned best practices; All have been specifically tailored to maximize results from conversational marketing in the industrial market. 

What Makes Us Different

We've been working with industrial companies for almost 20 years.  We provide the real human beings behind the chat window 24/7 365.

How It Works

From the onboarding process to the day your Manufacturing Chats team joins your site, we make it easy on you with our quick 4 step process.

The entire process takes less than 20 minutes of your time.

Step 1: Schedule a Demo

Schedule a demo call and let us know how your current conversions look.  (how many quote requests do you currently get each month?)

Step 2: Answer A Few Questions

If you qualify for a free test run, fill out a simple script onboarding document (takes less than 20 minutes) and copy/paste one line of code on your site (takes less than 5 minutes)

Step 3: Our Team Trains

Our team trains (studies the script and your website) for 7-10 business days

Step 4: Go Live With Our Human Chat Team

We go live and you start receiving chat transcripts as we email them to you (we can also integrate with your CRM)

Talk To Us Now To Discover How EASY It Is To DOUBLE Your Quote Requests

It’s time for you to tap into one of the most leveraged forms of website engagement… Human Powered Chat! Our dedicated launch team will work closely with you every step of the way and get you launched quickly with only 20 minutes of your time.

Customer Testimonials

See how Manufacturing Chats has helped grow their business.

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